How does Push Notification works?

You may have across certain clickable popup messages while using the browser of your mobile phones of computers. These messages carry URL to another website or offers poster on other websites that you may have subscribed to and are called as push notification. The push notifications are quite popular with websites as it helps them to reengage the users and get repeated visits from them. It is a form of direct interaction between the websites and the user. With notification, the website can send across short notification to the users regarding offers, new launches or any such message. The notification can be made more interactive as well through rich media like video, audio, graphics and up to 3 clickable links.

The push notification work on different browsers on different devices but they are triggered only if the users have subscribed to receive the notification. When they see the message and if they find it to be useful then they have a higher chance to visit the URL provided in the link. You can use the push notification for promoting special limited time offer or use it to reach out to people in a specific location as well. To know more about how the push notifications work, you can visit