US Push Notification Traffic

Push notification are considered to be highly effective in reaching out to your users as they have a high click through rate and are noticed by the target consumers easily. When you need to promote your business to the users who are based in US only then you can buy the US push notification traffic package. Such traffic packages are directed at the users who are based in US only and ensure that you get targeted users at your website. 

In order to receive the push notification, the users need to accept to receive the messages and should be subscribed to your website. When they do that then the web server can easily send the notification to them. They are small message boxes that appear as a popup window even if the user is on a different app or browser. The message window is small enough that it is not interfering, but at the same time, you can customise it to make it attractive. You can graphics, and rich text media to make the message more noticeable. You can also add multiple links to the window so that the users can be directed to the promoted website. To buy the traffic package you can visit