Rich Push Notification Traffic

Push notifications have become quite popular with the advertisers online as they enable the advertiser or an app to reach out to the consumers easily through small popup up notification. The users just need to be connected to the internet and he can receive the push notification. There are different forms of push notification of which the rich push notification traffic is considered to be more effective. In rich push notification traffic, the advertisers can make the message more appealing by adding emoji  and images. One can also add video, audio or any rich media to make the notification more interactive.

All push notifications carry clickable link but with Rich push notification, you can embed up to 3 clickable links and easily send the viewers to different landing page as per their interest. This way you receive the required traffic for your website. These notifications can be used on the different mobile phones easily and helps you to engage with the consumers easily. The users can also see the notification on the locked screen of their phones and choose to open and browse through the message their as per their interest. This helps the marketer to get desired traffic at their business.