Triggered Push Notification Traffic

Using the triggered push notification traffic in your campaign can help you to create different kind of campaign based on the user’s real-time data. You can send the user automated messages through the triggered push notification. Some of the popular campaign that can be created includes the open- ended campaign where you can send a series of notification in the way you plan. Such campaign does not have an exit strategy and it ends once the user gets the notification that you have planned.

The triggered push notification traffic can be used for closed campaigns also where the subscriber can exit the campaign once he completes the predefined action. You can also create special customised features for the campaign and make your push notification more interactive. With such traffic packages you can define the entry triggers and set up goals that can be customised as per your business goal. Once the user hits your business goal, he can drop out of the campaign. You can also set the exit triggers for them.  Such push notifications also enable you to track better where you can check the number of users who converted through it. To understand more or to buy such traffic you can visit